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There's been an ongoing debate as to whose cuisine is the oldest for many years, however what is sure is that Chinese food is very popular world wide and has travelled far. Flexible, healthy and varied, Chinese food feeds the senses and the body. It's good looking food which has healthy ingredients and for this reason alone it's popular for may different occasions. Whether it's for a family feast, or a fun late night meal after an evening out, or a banquet of dazzling food, Chinese food is great, and there's plenty of places to choose from in Dhaka.

Everything from Fried Rice to Peking Duck to order online in Dhaka

Whatever you like, whatever your occasion, there will be Chinese food delivery available in a restaurant near you, but you might want to order from somewhere further away to get a special dish or spoil a special person with a great Chinese meal. So, for a head start on what's good in Dhaka, take a look below:

  • • At the, Canton Restaurant they have great oriental dishes to order online. Try the ' Canton Special Chowmein' , for an authentic taste of China.
  • • At Chilis in Dhaka, they have great Chicken Fried rice on the menu for Chinese food delivery, which makes a great lunch meal.
  • • At Xenial meanwhile, have great fish dishes, good for a Saturday dinner party. The, 'Hot and Sour Pomfret' makes a good centre piece.

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