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Ordering Seafood from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Dhaka is such a multi cultural place that it's also not surprising that there's also a wide choice of cuisines that aren't typical of the area. So, it's possible to get a wide range of delicious seafood too, even though Dhaka is miles from the coast. There's also lots of places where you can order online so if you fancy a romantic super with some delicious seafood, or you want a grand impressive dinner for your boss, then seafood is a great choice!

Seafood delivery to order online in Dhaka

There's plenty of seafood dishes from around the world. The Mediterranean countries like Italy and France have elegant, lovely dishes made with garlic and white wine, that are so good for entertaining. Then there's dishes that are just so romantic and special, and of course delicious American seafood and shell fish dishes too, which are relaxed and tasty. So, take a look below and come on a journey to the sea!

  • • At, 'Absolute Thai', they have classic Thai dishes to order online like whole 'Sea Bass' served with chilli and Lemon. Spectacular!
  • • At classic Chinese restaurant, 'Chinatown', they have, 'Braised Cuttlefish', on the menu, which is a succulent mix of fish and red peppers.
  • • At American restaurant, 'Mac N Jack', the menu has, 'Grilled Squid with Fries & Coleslaw', which makes for a relaxed Sunday lunch treat for you and your friends.

Seafood delivery to all areas of Dhaka.

So next time you're planning a grand dinner, why not have seafood? It's not heavy either, so it's good for business lunches where you need to keep bright after lunch too! Also, foodpanda delivers to most areas, so wherever you are, we can come!

Get Your Favourite Seafood Dishes from the Best Restaurants

The great thing about foodpanda is you can deal direct with the restaurant, who can make your order just the way you like it when you order online! Also, some seafood and fish dishes are better if they're ordered ahead, and with foodpanda, although they are known for turning an order around fast, it is also easy to plan ahead too.

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