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Elegant, sophisticated and great for entertaining, Italian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world. However there's a world of difference between one of the original fast foods, Pizza, and the amazing array of other Italian dishes on offer. From olives and tomatoes from the sunny slopes of Tuscany, to the creamy dairy dishes from northern Italy, Italian food deserves its delicious reputation. However, if you want to order pizza online there's plenty of options, but why not look below and see what's also on offer in an Italian restaurant near me.

The Best Italian Restaurants Near Me

So, how about an Italian meal for a family gathering? No cuisine is more relaxed but delicious. There's lots of great meat dishes, and perhaps try them with a pasta dish to start, which is common in Italy. Or perhaps you want to impress your boss? Try Italian seafood dishes, they are sophisticated and visually stunning. Or for a friendly night in, there's also lots of places in Dhaka where you can order pizza online, so check out the list below and get planning:

  • At, 'Veni Vidi Vici', the, 'Pan Fried Sea Bass', with cabbage, spinach & orange sauce would go with, 'Tiramisu, made with marscapone cheese, cream, savoiardi biscuit, coffee and cocoa, for a romantic dinner.
  • If you want to order pizza online, one of the best places is, 'Pizza House-Sector 7, where you'll find a full range of Italian and American style pizzas!
  • At, 'Lake Terrace', the stuffed crab, which is Crab pan fried and baked with Parmesan cheese, is an impressive Italian dish.

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