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Ordering Fast Food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Fast food these days covers so many different cuisines from all over the world. Originally an American term, it means food on the go, and sometimes it's come to mean low quality dishes. However, many cuisines have fast food, and most of it is healthy and very good. Fresh, honest and straight forward, fast fooddelivery is great to order online as it can be delivered quickly. With a wide range available in Dhaka of all kinds of food from fried chicken to burgers, pizzas and whole lot more, check out our ideas below. There's lots of healthy choice from all over the city.

Fast food delivery for wherever you are in Dhaka

With places all over Dhaka, getting your favourite fast fooddelivery is a breeze, just browse foodpanda's pages, and you'll find all the latest trends. Healthy salads, Paninis, noodles in tasty broth, Korean bowls, there's all sorts of tasty ideas great for when hunger strikes, so take a look below for some ideas to order online:

  • • At, ' Arabian Fast Food', they have a classic, 'Four Seasons Pizza' that really hits the spot while watching a film on a Friday night.
  • • At, 'Takeout-Uttara', they have a great selection of fast fooddelivery options, try the, 'Chicken Supreme Burger,' for a filling lunchtime treat.
  • • Try the Indian fast food ideas at, ' Chaap Shamlao' which are always fresh and hot. The, 'Beef Boti Combo' has a Beef boti, 2 luchis, crispy garden salad, and includes a soft drink.

Fried chicken or burger, Foodpanda delivers where you are

The other great thing to remember is that foodpanda covers a wide area, so wherever you live, we probably deliver. You can also get your fried chicken or pizza delivered to your office, friends house, or wherever you are!

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