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Ordering Burgers from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

The roots of our love affair with burgers go back into the depths of time when the horsemen of Mongolia travelled with minced meat while more recently meat patties sailed with German emigrants to their new homes in America. The burgers we love to eat today, however, are an all-American institution yet have found their way right around the globe. When hunger strikes and you want to order a burger online you'll find plenty of choice in Dhaka.

Why does everyone love a burger?

A freshly cooked juicy burger made with high-grade minced beef and served with crispy fries is a real feel-good food for any time of the day. It's also the perfect meal for fitting into busy schedules. Order a burger online for a quick snack at your office desk or when you really don't feel like cooking, create a gourmet burger with mix and match fillings to enjoy with family and friends. Once you've got the basic bun and beef patty anything goes with your burger delivery, so get creative and pile on the onions, cheese, pickles and salad. When it's time to order a burger online, try out some of these foodpanda partners:

  • • Madchef is the go-to place for a gourmet burger delivery
  • • It might have an Italian ambience but Shawarma House delivers a delicious burger
  • • The menu at Takeout is all about burgers so they're sure to be good
  • • With its movie-inspired American theme Cafe Hollywood knows all about a good burger
  • • With several Burger King restaurants across Dhaka, your burger delivery won't take long to arrive

When hunger strikes, act fast with a burger delivery

A well-cooked and prepared burger delivers a delicious collection of textures and flavours. A slightly grilled bun makes a soft contrast to the juicy flavour of the burger inside while crispy onion rings and melting cheese make it just a little bit more special. Complete your fast food meal with spicy condiments and pickles and, of course, some crispy fries on the side.

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