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Ordering American Food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Trying to decide exactly American cuisine is is tricky. Every region has its speciality and everybody has their favourite. No one would deny, however, that a well-cooked burger or a thick juicy steak are definitely Stateside classics. If these are what you crave during a busy day or when the kids are hungry and you're too tired to cook, then restaurants in Dhaka offer a wide choice of American food for you to order online.

Placing a burger order online with foodpanda

foodpanda has created partnerships with restaurants in Dhaka to ensure your American food delivery is always high quality and arrives quickly. When time is slipping away and you still have work to get through, then a tasty burger accompanied is easy to order online or why not enjoy dining in style with a lightly grilled bun packed full of meat, cheese, pickles, onions and salad. The only problem you'll have is quite how to eat this monster gourmet burger. It this has tempted your palette, look out for these American restaurants in Dhaka where you can order online with foodpanda:

  • • Live Kitchen serves up burgers juicy enough to satisfy the biggest appetites while
  • • Chunk has a burger on its menu to suit your "monster level"
  • • As well as a great burger Mac N Jack also serves up Asian classics with an American twist
  • • Open from lunch through to late, Sliders is perfect for when hunger strikes and you just have to have a burger or steak

Other American food delivery classics in Dhaka

American restaurants in Dhaka also know how to cook up a great steak just the way you like it, lightly seared on the outside and tender inside. Turn it into a steak sandwich for lunch at your desk or enjoy it in the evening with well-cooked crispy fries. Other great dishes to look out for when you place an order online for an American food delivery are spicy nachos covered in cheese, hot dogs, a hearty bowl of corn chowder and, of course, a slice of key lime pie to finish your meal.

A quick American food delivery with foodpanda

Whether you've chosen a burger or steak, placing an order with foodpanda is always fast, fun and easy. Look out for our great discounts and, as well as your meal, enjoy our low delivery prices.

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